Sunday, December 25, 2016

de Blasio Like Trump Attacks the Press As Part of His 2017 Reelection

NYP's Dummy Reporter Goodwin Says de Blasio's Attacks on Washington for More Funds to Protect Trump "Does Not Get It" Goodwin Does Not Get That de Blasio is Trying to Get the Anit-Trump Voters for Re-Election He Does Not Care About the Harm His Actions Have on New Yorkers 

De Blasio’s arrogance is literally putting New Yorkers at risk (NYP) His public attacks on both President-elect Donald Trump for daring to win the election and on the Republican Congress for not reimbursing the city for Trump’s full security costs make pithy sound bites — but are the epitome of foolishness. Why, pray tell, would Trump go the extra mile to help the city when the mayor is braying like a jackass and routinely denouncing him? And where did de Blasio get the dopey idea that attacking Congress would lead members to open the federal purse? “That is not helpful,” Staten Island Rep. Dan Donovan, the only House Republican from the five boroughs, said of the mayor. “That does not help my advocacy for the city.” As Pete King, a Long Island House Republican, put it, “It’s one thing to fight for what you believe in, but you don’t get your way by threatening Congress to give you money.”  That insight should be elementary for any adult, but de Blasio still doesn’t get it. Now in his third year at City Hall, all with Republicans controlling the House, he acts as if his wish is their command.* New York City’s $8 Million Plan to Save Obamacare: SignUp as Many People as Possible (NYO)

de Blasio Trumps: Media Unfair, Bias, Holds Me to Higher Stand: Covers Grand Juries Looking Into His Criminal Pay to Play, Not the Big Donors Who Fight Progresives 
WTF, The Big Real Estate Donors and Companies Who Have Business With the City Give to Him and His Campaign for One NY PAC 
De Blasio slams media for grilling him on campaign finance probes (NYP)  Mayor de Blasio got testy Friday over the two grand juries probing his administration — and accused the news media of holding him to a higher standard than opponents of his progressive agenda.  “I think a lot of people should ask this question [of] the media: Are you ever going to look at all the wealthy and powerful people who spend endless amounts of undisclosed money? Is that ever going to interest you?” Hizzoner griped during his weekly appearance on WNYC radio.  “Look at the column inches on that versus the column inches on this and you’ll ­understand my frustration.”  On Tuesday, de Blasio said he hadn’t “been asked to testify before a grand jury,” and his press secretary said Friday that “the mayor has never spoken to the federal authorities and he was never told he’s a target of anything.”

de Blasio Lack of Promised Transparency, FOILS and Controlling the Press

Mayor de Blasio Vows to Shield New Yorkers From Trump’s Policies (NYT) Faced with a Republican president-elect willing to draw hard lines on immigration, policing and funding for social programs, Mayor Bill de Blasio in a formal address on Monday drew some of his own, presenting New York City as a national model of resistance and “a better way.” Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, vowed to mount a legal challenge if the federal government tried to create a registry of the nation’s Muslims. He promised to protect immigrant families threatened with deportation. He pledged that an aggressive stop-and-frisk policing policy would never return to New York. “The president-elect talked during the campaign about the movement that he had built,” said the mayor, referring to Donald J. Trump and the huge rallies he led. “Now, it’s our turn to build a movement — a movement of the majority that believes in respect and dignity for all.” Daily News de Blasio Step Away From Trump  De Blasio needs to step away from the national stage and denouncing Trump’s presidency, as such moves are only energy diverted from New York City and the issues it faces, like tackling homelessness without breaking the city’s budget, the Daily News writes.
How the NY Times Protects de Blasio

At On Press Conference de Blasio Refused to Take Questions from the PostSix Months After He Downplayed or Blamed the NYP for His Homeless Crisis 2016 de Blasio My Biggest Failure Homeless
De Blasio ‘dissatisfied’ with efforts against homelessness (NYP)   Six months after downplaying the homelessness crisis, Mayor de Blasio on Thursday pointed to his administration’s inability to get a handle on the issue as his biggest disappointment of the year.  “I’m very dissatisfied when it comes to a lot of strategies we’ve put into play to address homelessness that still ­haven’t gotten us where we want to go,” the mayor said.  “My job is to get it right. And I’m not certainly not satisfied that I or my team got it right to date, but I do see the beginning of some real progress.”  The number of homeless in city shelters topped the 60,000 mark for the first time ever in October.  As recently as July, de Blasio had claimed that, “homelessness is not going up, thank God.”* Six months after downplaying the homelessness crisis, de Blasio pointed to his administration’s inability to get a handle on the issue as his biggest disappointment of the year, the Post reports.  * De Blasio Ends 2016 with Contentious News Conference (ny1)

de Blasio Blames the Post’s Coverage of the Homelessness for the Crisis 

De Blasio thinks homeless crisis is a case of ‘fear-mongering (NYP) Mayor de Blasio on Monday ripped The Post’s coverage of the homelessness crisis — and touted an estimated drop in the vagrant population based on a single-day census conducted in sub-freezing temperatures. * NY1's Louis Concerned That Lobbyist Have Manipulated andComprised Journalism (March 16th 2015) *  Mayor Blames NYC Homelessness on the Economy NBC (WNBC) * Head of homeless services ‘shocked’ over shady shelter (NYP) Oct 8th 2015 * De Blasio knew about homeless crisis even as he was denying it (NYP Ed) Oct 16, 2015 * De Blasio is underestimating the homeless population: advocate (NYP) Oct 19, 2015 * Despite Vow, Mayor de Blasio Struggles to Stop Surge in Homelessness (NYT)  Oct 26, 2015 * Despite Vow, Mayor de Blasio Struggles to Stop Surge in Homelessness (NYT)  Oct 26, 2015*  Bronx woman shares her story about homelessness, says NYPD boss Bratton is wrong if he thinks the homeless will go away if they aren't given money (NYDN) Nov. 11, 2015 * Bill Bratton’s Solution to Homeless Panhandling: Don’t GiveThem Money (NYO *  Bill Bratton’s Solution to Homeless Panhandling: Don’t GiveThem Money (NYO) Nov 19, 2015 * Fed-up deputy mayor quits after being ‘ignored’ by de Blasio (NYP) Nov, 1, 2015 The city’s top official on health and homelessness quit because she was tired of being ignored by a mayor more interested in boosting his national profile than attending to the city’s day-to-day concerns, sources said. Deputy Mayor Lilliam Barrios-Paoli worked for five mayors and oversaw seven city agencies under Mayor de Blasio — but she couldn’t get meetings with him, sources said.

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