Sunday, December 11, 2016

de Blasio's Developers Gentrification Express Street Car

The Gentrification Trolley Will Not Pay for Itself Like the Mayor Said When the Developers Donated to His PAC Campaign for One NY

Mayor de Blasio concedes funding issues may preventBrooklyn-Queens trolley plan (NYDN) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said there’s a possibility his plans for a self-funded Brooklyn-Queens Connector streetcar may not pan out, which comes after a memo gave a brutal assessment of the financial challenges facing the project, the Daily News reports. * De Blasio and an entourage of city officials arrived at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 aboard the first 20 Citywide Ferry, and was greeted with fanfare and some jeers, the Times Union reports.

de Blasio Goes to the Museum Spin Room Not to the Trial Crash Where 106 New Yorkers Were Hurt A Few Blocks Away
De Blasio says he didn’t go to LIRR crash because no one died (NYP) * L.I.R.R. Crash in Brooklyn Injures More Than 100 (NYT)  The morning-rush derailment occurred at Atlantic Terminal when a train on Track No. 6 hit a bumper block, causing injuries to 106 people, officials said.  * Newsday writes that the LIRR derailment was “another frightening reminder” of how urgently the transportation system must be equipped with the most modern safety devices and that operators must be monitored for health or behavioral problems.

Pay to Play Gridlock' Sam $10k Gentrification Trolley Ride 
‘Gridlock’ Sam’s $10K reasons for Brooklyn trolley push (NYP) Transit guru “Gridlock” Sam Schwartz has been pushing a plan embraced by Mayor de Blasio to build a trolley on the Brooklyn waterfront without revealing that his firm registered as a paid lobbyist on the project, The Post has learned.  Papers submitted to the city clerk by Sam Schwartz Engineering show the firm earned $10,000 for meeting with city officials regarding the $2.5 billion proposal on behalf of Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector.  The nonprofit was launched in February 2015 by waterfront developers and others to promote the trolley — including more than a half-dozen real-estate honchos who donated more than $500,000 to de Blasio’s causes.  Their property would see a boost in value with the additional transit option.

Team de Blasio and Developers Control Public Outreach on the Gentrification Trolley
An insider says a developer and a high-powered advocacy group created and led by another developer are driving the discussions behind the planning of the multibillion-dollar Brooklyn Queens Connector trolley line   Private developers running discussions over Brooklyn, Queens trolley (NYP) The city claims the big-money developers who lavished cash on Mayor de Blasio’s campaign and nonprofit are not involved in the planning of the multibillion-dollar Brooklyn Queens Connector (BQX) trolley line.  Yet an insider says a developer and a high-powered advocacy group created and led by another developer are not only in on twice-a-month interagency phone calls on the project but they are driving the discussion. Ya-Ting Liu, the executive director of Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector, participates, as does a rep from Two Trees Management, the company that came up with the streetcar idea and which will benefit from a new transit link to its swanky waterfront projects. “They, in effect, run the call,” said a city source familiar with the project, which would connect Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and Astoria, Queens. In fact, city schedules refer to the conference call by the name of the nonprofit advocacy group — the “FoBQX meeting.”

The Street Car Dear Daily News is Not About the Routing It About Gentrifying Just Like Ratner's Stadium Push Out All the Affordable Apartments in Prospect Heights 
Routing for commuters: A Brooklyn-Queensstreetcar needs more than de Blasio's desire (NYDN) Rumbling into focus over a distant horizon, Mayor de Blasio’s proposed Brooklyn-Queens waterfront streetcar might zig this way or zag that way, under multiple-choice scenarios newly mapped out by city planners to pitch to locals along the route. It’s a potentially promising project — if, if, if. So many details crucial to the success of the 16-mile, $2.5 billion-budgeted Brooklyn-Queens Connector envisioned between Astoria and Sunset Park (theoretical start date: 2024) remain blanks yet to be filled in — most critically, whether or not passengers would be able to seamlessly swipe their way between the streetcar and subways and buses run by the state-controlled Metropolitan Transportation Authority, using a single MetroCard fare.* New Maps Show Potential Routes for BQX Streetcar (NY1) * The Daily News writes that so many details crucial to the success of a proposed Brooklyn-Queens streetcar remain unknown, including whether passengers will be able to swipe their way between it and the buses and subways, the Daily News reports.

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